My thoughts and my thoughts alone...

I don’t know why I, but ever since HTC came out with a Windows Phone version of the M8 I’m glad that I sold mine. And that’s a shame, because I really like that phone. But its just something about them being in bed with Microsoft that rubs me the wrong way. Especially when it comes to Android.

I post a lot about things I like. There are a lot of things right now that I don’t like that are going on in our society. But for now I am refraining from comment…

One of the biggest mistakes of Android Wear or any wearable tech in the foreseeable future is proprietary chargers. 

Proprietary chargers in general are a bad idea. They lead to a lot of waste. When you can’t reuse a charger what do you think happens to it? For wearables though it is a totally ridiculous concept. I don’t understand why manufacturers choose to go this route. Especially when they make it difficult to get a replacement. So it’s not about making money on accessories. At least not initially. 

Let me get this straight. You give me one charging dock with my smart watch. In some cases I can’t even buy a spare. Or it is a frustrating process of searching for one. If I can’t get a spare I have to carry the dock everywhere I go and hope I don’t lose or misplace it (like I did today mind you). Not to mention that the current batch of Android Wear devices have less than stellar battery life. Now I have a $200 piece of tech with me that is absolutely useless. 

Now some may say its on me for misplacing my dock. But my problem is that I have a bunch of micro USB cables lying around. Even two Qi wireless charger pads on my desk. And none of this can charge my Gear Live. To me that’s a problem. or is the kids say these days FAIL!